The Woman the Influencer. Happy International Women's Day.

The Woman the Influencer. Happy International Women's Day.

If there is any day we as women should be proud and shout about, it is definitely International Women's Day. Let's take it to the bible and explain why...

We don't need to go too far in the bible, Genesis 1:27 We are made in His image, which means God had a vision for how we should be, first He made Adam and knew he something wasnt right or complete because Genesis 2:18 clearly states that He said man should not be alone so God made him a 'helper'...a woman

What does help mean? Help means to bring a solution, help means to improve something, help means to support. So as a woman we are sure needed! We are solution providers!!! Have you ever thought about it like that? We are needed. Though in the story of eating the fruit the help Eve gave may have turned out wrongly, but if we look at why she did it was because she thought it was full of wisdom so to her she wanted her husband to be full of knowledge and obviously by him being knowledgeable it could only be for the better of them. So she used her influence and Adame ate.

Girls, Ladies, we have a special gift! We are made to influence. How are you influencing your world? What gift has God given you that you are letting it dry up and get stale!?

Decide today on International Women's Day 'I will be an influence' and if you need another reminder, Proverbs 31:10 You are worth far more than rubies.

God's Word said in print, never fails. 

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