It's all about God's Word

God's Word Said in Print is a casual wear clothing brand allowing our customers to feel the extra warmth of God through biblical scriptures and inspiring Christian phrases. Our mantra is 'Loving God, Empowered in Style' and that is exactly what we pride our self in, our joy comes from making our customers feel empowered in awe of scriptures creatively written on clothing.
We make it our duty to build your faith awareness through scriptures whilst sharing God's Gospel. In Christ, we have one assignment, to make disciples for His Kingdom, we have all hope and desire that by simply wearing our brand, you will draw attention, people will ask questions, and you will answer with every confidence and by God's Grace, souls will be touched.
Everyone loves the thought of feeling comfortable, so we specialise in sourcing the best quality clothing to give our customers the perfect feel when they wear our brand.